Free sat-nav system with online purchase of car insurance

I have just found this new item on moneysavingexpert thought it might be helpful to people. The Co-operative Insurance are giving away 600 TOM TOMS sat-nav systems for free to motorists who buy their car insurance online. All you need to do is click on and follow the simple instructions.


Jessops – Excellent customer service

Well if you have been bothered to keep up with my rantings on my blog over the past week, you will have read that I was challenging Jessops on some Internet advertising.

After a few emails between myself and Jessops they said that they would not sell the camera at the advertised price (£229) and that I would have to pay £299.

I decided to see if some angry blogging and some moanings on moneysavingexpert would change their mind. Could consumer pressure and the threat of bad word of mouth sway them to do the decent thing?

Well after some positive results on the angry blogging front and a 33 reply post on moneysavingexpert I received a very nice phonecall from Jessops Head Office. After looking into my complaint further they have decided to offer me the Panasonic TZ5 at £229, a nice £70 off the retail price, a bit of a bargain really, I think!

I now just have to wait for the camera to be released, they will then give me a call and take my order. I think this is excellent customer service, as legally they did not have to honour the purchase. They could have hidden behind the law, but have decided not to.

Well done Jessops, you have made me very happy. The only thing I will never know is, did my blogging and rantings on forums actually make them change their mind, or would the outcome have been the same if I had done nothing?